Coronavirus Financial Survival Strategies

Even with the government’s $2 Trillion aid package, it is key that you have the right information for the best coronavirus financial survival strategies. In a recent interview with Todd Rooker, the #1 financial crisis recovery expert in the U.S., he blew everyone away with very detailed steps that any business owner must take to protect their business and family.

He even covered the worst case, bankruptcy, and how to navigate getting back on your feet within 12-24 months. Most importantly, he covered the key mistakes (caused by misinformation and emotion) that most business owners make during a financial crisis.

Your beliefs, and what you thought about credit, money, how SBA loans work… will be challenged.

In the end, even during COVID-19, there are opportunities for everyone, if your first plan for the worst-case scenario and conserve cash. You will learn how in our recording below. Even as the country opens back up for businesses, there are substantial liability risks facing employers and business owners. Now is the time to learn the steps to make sure your financial assets are protected. You may need more support with the best structures to protect your safe and risk assets if you need that type of support to learn more about asset protection strategies here.

You may be the type that prefers to jump to the subjects most important to you (very understandable). 

If you are short on time, we created this timeline to get you to the coronavirus financial subject you need help with. Of course, we recommend you listen to the entire video, but we know your time is at a premium right now. It is also on the video summary.

8:09- Why you won’t get the best advice (until now)

9:20 Lower taxes vs. financing dilemma (mistakes to avoid moving forward)

10:46 Why an attorney can’t help with creditors (this is not what you think)

12:56 How money is made and lost during a financial crisis (one of the top reasons to listen to this entire training and how you may position your business financially)

17:29 If you are losing money (burning cash), here is what you must do (and what action steps you must take now)

19:57 What you MUST know about deferring payments (this could tank your financial future)

22:10 What you must know about the credit bureaus (what you never heard before)

24:53 Are you in denial? How you must think differently

26:24 What you don’t know about creditor negotiations and what you must do

29.00 Take cash out of your retirement or not? How to protect your exempt assets

33:36 Lock yourself down BEFORE an SBA loan? Good idea or not? How long will these loans take?

36:26 Why you must have plan A, B, C, D, E, and F. Best to a worst-case scenario

38:13 Strategically, when does bankruptcy make sense$100 million examples and rebuilt in two years.

41:25 Bankruptcy on an SBA loan will result in severe consequences

43:46 How to protect your cash (and other assets). What happens if your bank account is locked?

45:36 What to do with partnership assets. What can be taken?

46:54 Q & A with the audience – how to build cash

50:59 Credit score secrets you have never heard explained like this before. You masters course in 10 minutes!

Whether your business is doing under $1-million or over $50-million (many of Todd’s clients are in this range), you will learn prudent, smart financial steps to immediately take for your current and future financial survival.

Get ready to be shocked by this riveting call, which will surely challenge your beliefs on how the financial system really works. You will learn the steps you must take to be protected from this coronavirus financial crisis. After watching the video, if you feel you need one-to-one support from Todd Rooker, you may reach out to schedule an appointment at 

Todd’s rate is $300 per hour and is worth every penny to gain clarity and confidence regarding your best financial options. 

Separately, if you need support with restructuring your assets, forming a new entity to protect your cash, real estate, or other investments, you may schedule a strategy session with Scott Letourneau. See my options at this link.