U.S. LLC Questions to Ask Before Your E-Commerce Expansion

There are many U.S. LLC questions to ask before formation when you expand your e-commerce business to the U.S. These questions could be more precise. Most sellers only anticipate 1-2 steps ahead (or questions) with their U.S. formation and need to be made aware of these costly mistakes they have already made. Why does this happen?

Forming a U.S. LLC online is simple.

Several online entity formation companies give you this impression.  Unfortunately, they leave out all the complicated yet vitally essential parts to get you to do a filling.

We approach business differently, working mainly with more successful 6, 7, and 8-figure sellers. Successful sellers realize much more is involved than filing the LLC online and obtaining an EIN with the IRS.

Here are the key U.S. LLC questions you should be asking before, during, and after a U.S. formation:

  • When is it recommended to form a U.S. LLC? When is it for Amazon, Walmart, Shopify, or setting up a Stripe account? Hint: Most non-resident sellers do not have a U.S. LLC for Amazon unless they cannot obtain insurance from their home country.
  • If you form a U.S. LLC, how should it be taxed? I have read about four options, but the S corporation option does not apply to my situation. Which one is best for my situation?
  • Who owns the U.S. LLC, and how does that impact U.S. banking?
  • How do I know if the operating agreement is correct for my situation? When do I need to file form 8832?
  • I read situations where my foreign entity needs an EIN because it will own the U.S. LLC. Is that true or not?
  • If so, what happens if the start date on my SS4 application was in prior years? I heard the IRS has huge fines for some forms if late.
  • Who should be the manager vs. the member of the LLC?
  • What are my U.S. tax responsibilities if I am engaged in a U.S. trade or business? What do I need to do to avoid a permanent establishment?
  • Do you have a tax firm that can file protective tax returns in the U.S.? Are they on the same page with these different scenarios?
  • What are my U.S. sales tax responsibilities, mainly if I sell on Shopify or my website?
  • What happens if I want to sell from my Shopify store from the same legal entity as my Amazon business?
  • What impact does that have on my sales tax requirements?
  • If I use Taxjar or Avalara, will they take care of everything regarding sales tax, and what happens if I don’t have a U.S. bank account (FYI, Taxjar and Avalara are both partners)?
  • How do I update my U.S. e-commerce account with my new LLC information? Is it even possible to update? Do I need to create a U.S. taxpayer?
  • When do I update my new U.S. address on my existing e-commerce account, and what verification measures are currently used? Does that include a utility bill?
  • How do I update my tax settings with my new U.S. entity in Amazon or other marketplaces?
  • How do I transfer income from my U.S. LLC to my foreign company (to avoid unintended tax consequences)?
  • When do I owe U.S. taxes? I have read that I only need to file forms 5472 and 1120 proforma, but when is that not the case?
  • I don’t want to know that I had other U.S. tax forms to file and a U.S. tax treaty does not protect me.
  • Where does the ownership show up for the U.S. entity?
  • What bank changes in 2024 will impact your LLC formation strategy?
  • How does the BOI fincen.gov report impact your filing?

These questions are the tip of the iceberg of the filing process.

U.S. Entity Formations IcebergIf you are like most sellers, you likely would rather understand these strategy questions before forming a U.S. company, which we cover in a 30 or 60-minute Zoom call.  We work with the top companies in the e-commerce industry and attend the top events, such as the ProsperShow and others. You can learn more about those paid options here.

Another group of our clients likes working with NCP because they know they can get started and realize they don’t have to clarify these critical questions, especially around which state and entity are best.  After all, we include our U.S. entity packages with a detailed video with the best recommendations for most situations and summary slides to form your U.S. entity and tax responsibilities. Our U.S. entity video, part of our U.S. package, includes details on what is recommended and required for Amazon, Walmart, Shopify, Stripe, U.S. tax responsibilities, and which state is best for each situation. Our video training is the most detailed industry and is ONLY available to our clients.

All follow-ups and updates throughout the year are part of our service, separating us from everyone else.  Our team and I will review every order submitted to make sure your choices make sense before we file the articles and fax your SS4 application to the IRS.

Forming your U.S. legal entity is the substantial first step with the foundation of how you will be taxed in the U.S., especially filing your SS4 application after your entity is formed. The real work starts to ensure all the i’s are dotted, and t’s are crossed.   Below is our U.S. complete formation checklist, which provides an overview of the U.S. LLC formation steps.

U.S. LLC Complete Formation Checklist Yes, there are a lot of “low-priced” LLC options online. Still, if any, very few take a comprehensive approach to all these critical issues for a foreign e-commerce seller looking to expand into the U.S. Our support team is first-class. We have fully vetted partners if additional support is needed on the back end.

If you have U.S. LLC questions about our process, service, or level of support to help you expand, let’s schedule a call and a time to chat at the button below to see how we can help you with your expansion process and ensure you are protected.  If you decide to work with NCP, we will update you on essential changes such as U.S. tax changes, sales tax issues, or other areas to protect you.

For example, we send out recent updates to our clients about Amazon only being able to pull inventory 18 months back and impact sales tax calculations. We have new updates on Amazon and new insurance requirements and a resource, plus updates on digital taxes, those with federal trademarks that still need to be protected, and much more.

All follow-ups and updates throughout the year are part of our service, separating us from everyone else.  If you want clarity on our fees and services with our U.S. LLC formations, please click the link below to schedule a call with our team. There is no fee to speak with a team member (no tax or entity selection advice is provided on a free call). Click here to schedule a call with our team.