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David Sinigaglia, Executive Mentor shares his experience and why he recommends all his clients to Scott Letourneau and his team at NCP.

Kevin and Melissa Knecht share their experience working with Scott Letourneau and his team at NCP.

Joe Durk “If you need help getting incorporated or forming an LLC,
I would definitely recommend NCP”.

Michel & Toni Shaw  “Working with NCP was positive and effecient experience,
we would definitely recommend NCP”.

Greg Sceney  “Setting up company structures is a very complicated process but NCP has been fantastic and had made the process a lot easy!”

Charles and Rebecca Formosa  “NCP is very resourceful, very helpful and would highly recommend it!”

Chris Eldridge  “NCP took me through the process and it’s been very smooth, very simple,
and it’s been a pleasure to do business with these guys”.

Dean Mahoney  “I definitely suggest working with Scott and his team. They are switched on and they know what they are doing. They’ve got a huge amount of resources to even help launch your online business as well”.

Alex Jeffreys on Setting up a U.S. Company,
Internet Marketing Mentor.  “Forget about setting up an account with anyone else. Just use Scott and NCP because they’re fantastic and I have to agree!”

Chris Freville on Setting up Merchant Accounts in the U.S.  “Scott took me through absolutely everything that was needed to be done to get set up with a U.S. corporation. He answered all my questions and really made sure I was up to date understanding the whole procedure from start to finish to get incorporated in the United States. Nevada Corporate Planners did everything for me and I can’t thank them enough!”

Rachel Quilty on Setting up a U.S. Corporation in the U.S.  “The Nevada Corporate Planners package was a great investment for my business… And boy, when Scott says the process is streamlined to fast track your business, he’s not kidding. The Nevada Corporate Planners team has been incredibly helpful in setting up great foundations for my U.S. Corporation. The package has allowed me to access the incredible U.S. market… and build my Australian business as well.”

Nik Halik, The Thrillionaire® Entrepreneurial Alchemist, Civilian Astronaut, Extreme Adventurer!

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[info-box layout=”5″ title=”Pete Thompson – Amarillo, Texas”]”…NCP made the entire incorporating process painless and easy. They walked me through each step from start to finish. The staff was professional, knowledgeable and people oriented. I would recommend NCP to anyone.”[/info-box]
[info-box layout=”5″ title=”Lendy Kurth”]You can do no better, you will not find another service that comes close, and you will be recommended to others.[/info-box]
[info-box layout=”5″ title=”Aura M. Mondragon”]I’m happy with the work done and advice.[/info-box]
[info-box layout=”5″ title=”Amy Smith”]Tony was professional, kind, and knowledgeable. Thank you very much for your help.[/info-box]
[info-box layout=”5″ title=”Becky Condon”]Prompt, accurate and courteous service.[/info-box]
[info-box layout=”5″ title=”Russell O. Scholta”]As a first time applicant for an LLC, I have found NCP to be very responsive, systematic and thorough from my first conversation with Tony, the entire process.[/info-box]
[info-box layout=”5″ title=”Mark Vitone”]Calling back potential clients, having informed and knowledgeable staff and being readable accessible all day are all the reasons to choose any company. I am happy to say NCP fits the bill in all these key areas.[/info-box]
[info-box layout=”5″ title=”Alexander Scott”]NCP is quick, responsive and knowledgeable.[/info-box]
[info-box layout=”5″ title=”Joseph Riggio”]NCP makes what could be a tedias complex task, easy and efficient highly recommended.[/info-box]
[info-box layout=”5″ title=”Joseph Riggio”]You have streamlined and made simple the process of setting up a US business. You have allowed me to focus my time on my business by minimizing my involvement in the formalities of setting up a US business.[/info-box]
[info-box layout=”5″ title=”Kleo Merrick”]NCP has done a great job in setting up my LLC. I am based in Melbourne Australia and their information has made this a very straight forward process. If I had any questions, I just call and had my answers straight away. If you are overseas then NCP is the company for you.[/info-box]
[info-box layout=”5″ title=”Joseph Riggio”]”NCP makes what could be a teedious, complex task easy and efficient. Highly Recommended. “[/info-box]
[info-box layout=”5″ title=”Mireille Hendy”]You have streamlined and made simple the process of setting up a US business. You have allowed me to focus my time on my business by minimizing my involvement in the formalities of setting up a US business.[/info-box]
[info-box layout=”5″ title=”Grant Vidles”]Being an Australian with no knowledge of USA business and tax laws, NCP has made starting a business in the USA stress free. Thank you.[/info-box]
[info-box layout=”5″ title=”Robert John Jamieson – Australia”]”Found NCP most helpful, efficient, professional, and able to talk to a real person and sort out problems. Thanks! “[/info-box]
[info-box layout=”5″ title=”Mireille Hendy – Australia”]”You have streamlined and simplified the process of setting up a U.S. business. You have allowed me to focus my time on my business by minimizing my involvement in the formalities of setting up a U.S. business. “[/info-box]
[info-box layout=”5″ title=”Kled Merrick – Australia”]”NCP have done a great job in setting up my LLC. I am based in Melbourne Australia and their information and help have made this a very straightforward process. If I had any questions I just rang them and had my answers straightaway. If you’re overseas then NCP is the company for you. “[/info-box]
[info-box layout=”5″ title=”Quokka Consulting, LLC – Spokane, WA”]”Quick, responsive and knowledgeable”[/info-box]
[info-box layout=”5″ title=”Grant Vidler – Australia”]”Being an Australian with no knowledge of USA business and tax laws, NCP have made my starting a business in the USA stress free. Thank You “[/info-box]
[info-box layout=”5″ title=”James Brown – United Kingdom”]”Very friendly and efficient service”[/info-box]
[info-box layout=”5″ title=”Aaron Danielson – Henderson, NV”]”Nevada Corporate Planners made everything Easy, Simple, and No Stress”[/info-box]
[info-box layout=”5″ title=”Robin A. Clarke – Australia”]”NCP’s services are well organized and highly efficient”[/info-box]
[info-box layout=”5″ title=”Robert and James Leverrier – Las Vegas, NV”]”Nevada Corporate Planners established our LLC remotely. We live in Australia and the team kept us informed all the way & personally answers the phone when we call with questions. “[/info-box]
[info-box layout=”5″ title=”Polina Volchek – Las Vegas, NV”]”Reliable, responsive, and supportive company. Thank you very much for helping me on the first steps to my business”[/info-box]
[info-box layout=”5″ title=”Linh Hua – Las Vegas, NV”]”NCP assisted us in getting our business set up quickly and formally so we can begin to focus on running our business. The consultant is very knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. Thank You.[/info-box]
[info-box layout=”5″ title=”Manuel Mendez – Alexandria, VA”]”NCP made the process of Incorporation simple and fast. They explained everything I needed to know and took care of all the paperwork, making things very easy for me and my partner.”[/info-box]
[info-box layout=”5″ title=”Lisa Schmidt – Ridgeland, MS”]”Dave was extremely knowledgeable and helpful throughout the entire process of assisting me in setting up an LLC. He was very thorough with all explanations and easy to work with. I highly recommend NCP to all looking to form an LLC. “[/info-box]
[info-box layout=”5″ title=”James Franklin Worley – Escondido, CA”]”NCP saves me time to complete the business entity setting with efficient and effective service and coaching!”[/info-box]
[info-box layout=”5″ title=”Antonio Tripodi – Las Vegas, NV”]”Dave went out of his way to understand our company as he met with us at a place convenient to us. He met with us again where we were staying to complete year book and its seal. “[/info-box]
[info-box layout=”5″ title=”Brook McLain – Robertsdale, AL”]”The process of setting up my business took longer than most due to the way my state processes business licenses. In addition to taking care of all my paperwork necessary to file, NCP took care of contacting my state during the delays so I didn’t have to, knowing NCP was there to take care of things made the process less stressful than it would have been If I were on my own “[/info-box]
[info-box layout=”5″ title=”John Coe – Mililani, Hawaii”]”NCP has opened my eyes to how I should be really running my business. NCP has helped me enormously with information and great customer service. They really care and I would recommend NCP to anyone starting a business”[/info-box]
[info-box layout=”5″ title=”Vivian Lugo-Eschenwald – Alexandria, VA”]”…Making complex process of Incorporating as simple as possible!”[/info-box]
[info-box layout=”5″ title=”Catherine McAvoy – Mendon, Massachusetts”]”I was confused about where to start the process of incorporating. I appreciate the mentoring process that started with my first phone call to Tony and the book I received to manage my business like a real business. “[/info-box]
[info-box layout=”5″ title=”Andrew Ramirez”]I was confused and concerned about how to incorporate my business. After all, I’m not a lawyer, accountant or banker – I’m just a person who wants to help others through my business. Enter NCP. For a small fee (less than what it would have cost me to do everything by myself), they organized all of the paperwork, submitted all required forms to the CA and IRS and made the process a breeze. Ultimately, all I had to do was fill out a few forms, that they provided (with instructions), sign a few things, and my business, from a legal perspective, was up and running. Thank you, Scott and Team![/info-box]
[info-box layout=”5″ title=”Sandy Botkin – Tax Attorney and Certified Public Accountant”]”… As I note in my bestselling book, “Lower Your Taxes: BIG TIME,” if you are going to incorporate, you should seriously consider doing so in Nevada. When I get asked which incorporating companies I would recommend doing this, I unhesitatingly recommend Nevada Corporate Planners as being among the best.

I have a number of reasons for this. First, I have found them to be very honest. It actually amazes me that they talk a number of people out of incorporating there if it isn’t right for the client’s situation. This is like Wal-Mart recommending Sears for certain things. Their commitment to being honorable is most laudable in today’s “fast, get-rich quick” mentality that I see in many businesses.

Secondly, if incorporating or being a limited liability company is right for the client, they are very professional in the way that they handle the job. Everything is done with thoroughness and precision.

Accordingly, I highly recommend this company for any incorporating services or agency services.”[/info-box]

[info-box layout=”5″ title=”Larry Neal – Toledo, OH”]”… Hi, my name is Larry Neal; I’ve had dreams of owning my own business for a long time and seemed to always put it off. It boiled down to fear of failure and not knowing where to start. I saw and heard of many small businesses failing. During a wealth conference, Scott letourneau of NCP revealed a list of reasons for business failure and the correct start to avoid failures. Knowing why other business fails helped remove fear from me, and now through Scott of NCP providing the right start up plan for business, a long time dream has come true. Without the right start up business plan you only think you’re in business! With fast start to profits with NCP you know you’re in business. Thanks NCP “[/info-box]