US Tax Return Service for Non-residents

Unlock Peace of Mind in U.S. Tax Compliance: As a non-U.S. resident running an e-commerce business in the U.S., navigating the tax maze can feel overwhelming. Whether you operate through a foreign entity or have established a U.S. LLC with NCP, you’re likely facing U.S. tax obligations.

We’ve got you covered, from essential forms like the 5472 and proforma 1120 to potentially leveraging tax treaties through forms like the 1040NR and 8833.
Don’t go it alone or settle for less—choose NCP. We team up with leading U.S. e-commerce accountants armed with cutting-edge tools to streamline your financials.

Our specialized services are available exclusively to businesses formed or revamped by NCP. Align with us and gain access to our network of elite CPAs and tax attorneys, all experts in working with international e-commerce sellers like you. Your U.S. tax compliance couldn’t be in better hands.

One of the major misconceptions about U.S. taxes for non-residents is that if you do NOT have a dependent agent in the U.S., it is NOT possible to create a U.S. trade or business (USTOB) and generate effectively connected income (ECI).

There is NO such rule.

It is possible to have zero dependent agents in the U.S. and STILL CREATE a US trade or business.  This one is on several websites that basically say to have USTOB or ETBUS (engaged in a U.S. trade or business), you MUST have a dependent agent.

Again this is NOT true, and there is no such rule. 

Dependent agents are part of the permanent establishment rules which come into play under an Income Tax Treaty Analysis. Dependent agents also comes into play when you review Foreign Source Income Becomes ECI via a US office.

Here are the most common situations and where we can help file your U.S. tax returns with our tax partners:

  • Formed a U.S. single-member LLC disregarded owned by a foreign entity or foreign individual. If the LLC is engaged in a U.S. trade or business, that will impact the number of tax returns.

  • Formed a U.S. LLC taxed as a corporation or a corporation. The most common situation where this comes up is to complete a W-9 on Amazon or Walmart, which creates a U.S. taxpayer. Price transfer studies are a separate service.

  • Filing a protective 1120F and form 8833 for a non-resident company that may be engaged in a U.S. trade or business.

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If you are a current NCP client and we filed your U.S. company or obtained your EIN to your foreign company, please email our support team directly for details about your required U.S. returns.

*Tax Disclaimer. NCP is not a CPA firm. We are partnered with CPAs and tax attorneys who will do your tax return filings to the IRS.