Amazon Utility Bill Verification

Establishing your seller account requires specific steps to be followed to open and keep your account activated.

Often, when a seller does not follow the precise Amazon steps for providing the required information for your business account, business address, mobile phone, chargeable credit card, and identity details correctly, your account may be opened but soon met with a notice that says, we received your submission but did not have enough information to reactivate your account at this time.

Amazon Pay Account Violation Verification NeededYou may be in violation of Amazon Payments, Inc. customer agreement, on section 2.1 (c), where you have a current Amazon seller central account and were not able to verify your business entity authorized to do business and having a physical presence in the U.S.

Your payments may have been temporarily disabled. You have eight days to avoid an account suspension. The additional verification may include a lease agreement or utility bill. Ask about our expedited services for this situation.

Or you might have submitted all the paperwork, and your seller account was approved. Then, a few days later, you received a follow-up email asking about submitting more documentation.

The additional documentation may include the following:

  • A business license (A Nevada LLC includes a state business license). Learn more about our U.S. LLC formations.
  • Ensure a valid credit card is on account
  • And a recent utility bill within the past 90 days

U.S. Residents

You may be in a situation where you set up an LLC as the legal entity on your Amazon seller account, but you operate a home-based business. You might be in a position where you can not obtain a utility bill in the name of your LLC to your home address. If so, we can help.

Non-U.S. Residents

You don’t need a U.S. company to sell on Amazon.

Likely, you set up your seller account under a foreign company with your foreign address.

Unfortunately, you might be in a similar situation where your account was either not activated or you need to reactivate your account due to some issue. If you are looking to form a U.S. single-member LLC for your Amazon account, we can help you.

Only if you form an LLC taxed properly that leads to appropriate tax interview questions can we help. Forming the LLC will lead to how your LLC will be taxed, and other key factors will determine if your LLC or you are subject to U.S. taxes.

NCP can help you form a U.S. LLC correctly and provide the steps to set up your Amazon account to avoid these issues. Learn more here about our U.S. LLC services. Many times the utility bill will cost more than the formation of your low-cost online filing which does not provide any Amazon direction.

An LLC on the Amazon account completing a W-9 for a non-resident is more complicated regarding U.S. taxes (and now required for most banking situations). If you need help with a proper U.S. formation and a complete understanding of both Amazon and U.S. taxes, we recommend you start with a paid strategy call.

Suppose you cannot obtain a utility bill in your home country that matches your company name and address. In that case, the next option is to obtain a change to a U.S. address and utility bill under the same legal name on your Amazon account.

If your personal name is on the Amazon account, we can not obtain a utility bill for an individual, only for a company.

If you are concerned about this step and still need to set up your seller account and are looking to form a U.S. company, we can help you with the entire process from the entity formation to the tax interview and process to avoid needing extra verification.

Amazon Utility Bill Verification Requirements:

  • Utility bills must be for the last 90 days.
  • Documents must be scanned clearly, without blurry, cut, or missing pages.
  • If the bill provided is not in English, please attach a notarized copy of the bill translated and witnessed by the legal counsel. Self-translated documents are not accepted.
  • If the utility bill is not available in the name of the account owner but instead in the name of a family member or family member, be sure to provide proof of relationship and government-issued ID.
  • The information provided in the documents must be verifiable without discrepancies.
  • The utility bill must cover usage details, due date, date of issue, appropriate service provider contact, company logo, etc. If there are any problems, please attach a copy of the invoice online verifying the source of the invoice.
  • Please note you should provide clearly scanned or digitally downloaded documents only.
  • A utility bill dated within the last 90 days for;
    1. piped gas
    2. natural gas
    3. electricity
    4. piped water
    5. mobile phone
    6. fixed-line phone
    7. internet service
  • Anyone with name and address visible
  • Ensure that the provided documents are in one of the supported languages. Supported languages include Arabic, simplified Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Tamil, Thai, Turkish, and Vietnamese. If the documents are not in one of the supported languages, you must submit a notarized translation into one of the supported languages along with the original document.

Utility Bill Proof of Address Verification

Our Nevada internet utility bill service is linked to a Las Vegas internet provider. You will pay for 12 months of service. The fee is $104.95 ($75 set up fee plus 1st-month payment of $29.95) and $29.95/11 more months for the internet service.

Our utility bill service fee, premium U.S. address service for 12 months, and a lease agreement are separate.  Learn more at this link. You will receive your internet utility bill within 72 hours after payment, and our web form with your business information and your internet account is established.

Pricing & 100% Money Back Guarantee

When you follow our steps to both update your Amazon account with our address service and when it is verified, and our steps to upload your new utility bill, if with our support, your account is not activated for Amazon, we will refund your money*. If you follow our steps, this will be optional. We cannot refund the direct fees paid to the utility company.

Contact our team at with the subject “Amazon Utility Bill,” and we will send you our detailed prices, steps, and process to get started.

*Regrettably, some sellers are less than trustworthy and will stoop so low as to demand a refund even after a successful address change and utility bill submission. To weed out these bad actors, we have a stringent policy that requires customers to provide before and after screenshots of their account, along with a copy of Amazon’s rejection letter, as evidence of their refund eligibility. So that you know, any other reasons beyond these will not be considered for a refund.

Included with our U.S. LLC Service

Form a U.S. LLC through NCP, and our Amazon Utility Bill service fee is included. If you’re new to U.S. expansion and want a full breakdown of steps and fees, schedule a call with our team at this link.

Additional Amazon Account Activation Support

You may have additional questions about other requirements to reactivate your account, the Amazon tax interview, or U.S. tax questions. If so, these questions are answered during a paid 30-minute strategy call for $397.00.