Why choose NCP? We offer a strategic, comprehensive approach backed by unparalleled e-commerce expertise. Here’s what you can anticipate when you partner with us.


Holistic Strategy and Expertise for Your E-Commerce Expansion: With a track record of thousands of successful U.S. incorporations, NCP brings a unique blend of strategic planning and meticulous execution to your business journey.

Elevate Your U.S. E-Commerce Game with NCP: Before you even file your entity, we dive deep into crafting a robust U.S. expansion strategy tailored just for you. This includes determining the right ownership structures and ensuring you’re marketplace-compliant. With us, you avoid the costly missteps that come with superficial LLC setups, like unnecessary amendments to your operating agreement or unexpected requirements for additional verification.

Tax Strategy Matters: Understanding U.S. taxation at both federal and state levels is more than just an item on a checklist—it’s a crucial element in your overall expansion strategy. Don’t settle for a basic online LLC that leaves you vulnerable; choose NCP for comprehensive planning that sets you up for long-term success.

Marketplace Mastery: From Amazon’s Seller Central and new insurance mandates to Shopify partnerships and Walmart’s specific requirements, NCP stays ahead of the curve. We not only understand these platforms but also have trained industry professionals to navigate them effectively. Our clientele ranges from startups to 7 and 8-figure sellers who value our strategic approach.

Sales Tax Compliance: Ignorance isn’t bliss when it comes to sales tax. NCP supports ensuring you’re fully compliant, safeguarding your profits, mainly if you sell through Shopify.

Choosing the Right Partner:

  1. Range of Services: Look for a company that offers more than just incorporation services. They should provide resources or services, like sales tax compliance, to fully support your startup’s needs.
  2. Professional Endorsements: Credibility counts. Check whether national figures or industry experts endorse the company.
  3. Company Values: “Why Choose Us” pages should transparently outline the company’s core principles and team.
  4. Testimonials: Client satisfaction should be reflected through written, audio, or video testimonials.
  5. Networking: Check which national organizations or well-known brands recommend them.
  6. Experience and Longevity: Support from a company that has not just survived but thrived for over 20 years speaks volumes.
  7. Customer Support: Professional, knowledgeable support teams are a barometer for how well the company operates.
  8. E-Commerce Savvy: Do they understand the verification processes of Amazon? Are they aware of the latest sales tax regulations and Amazon’s insurance requirements? Knowledge about non-resident tax treaties and U.S. legal requirements is a must.

Choosing NCP isn’t a one-off decision but a long-term partnership aimed at laying a sturdy foundation for your business. Let us reverse-engineer your future growth goals to provide you with a fail-safe plan for your U.S. expansion.

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[title layout=”4″ title_primary=”Why Choose NCP?” align=”text-left”]We provide COMPLETE FORMATION for your business entity that includes total support BEFORE & AFTER you set up your corporation or LLC[/title]

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