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Essential Questions for Expanding Your E-Commerce Business to the U.S.

Expanding your successful global Amazon brand to the U.S. market is filled with opportunity, competition, and risk. This endeavor requires careful overall e-commerce expansion and tax planning to navigate the complexities of this lucrative yet challenging market. Seven-figure e-commerce sellers must ask different questions to plan their expansion and protect their established global brand. They […]

Building Personal Credit with an ITIN: Your Path to Business Credit Cards

Securing a business credit card can be a significant step toward financial growth for non-residents looking to establish a business in the U.S. Obtaining a business credit card often requires a strong personal credit score. This guide will help non-residents with an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) build personal credit. It will enable them to […]

S-Corporation Tax Benefits: An Essential Guide for Business Owners

Why Choose an S-Corp?  For many small business owners, selecting the right business structure can be pivotal. An often underutilized but highly beneficial option is forming an S-Corporation. Here are the top reasons why an S-Corp might be the right choice for your business: Limited Liability Protection: As a shareholder or officer of an S-Corp, […]

Corporate Transparency Act Disclosure of Beneficial Ownership Information Impact on Non-U.S. Residents

The Corporate Transparency Act (CTA) is a new federal law requiring most domestic and foreign business entities formed or registered to do business in the United States to disclose information about their beneficial owners to the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN). Update April 19: You can now officially use your registered agent’s or virtual address […]

U.S. Bank Compliance with LLC Formations: An Essential Guide

Navigating the complexity of U.S. tax and legal compliance can often seem like a formidable challenge, particularly when it involves a single-member LLC disregarded to expand your U.S. e-commerce business to the U.S. You will now realize that a U.S. single-member LLC disregarded is NOT your best option when doing business in the U.S., not […]

Decoding the W-8BEN: Does It Really Shield You from U.S. Taxes?

  E-commerce is booming, as are the complexities of navigating U.S. tax regulations! This is a must-read if you’re an e-commerce seller, particularly one that deals with major platforms like Amazon. Need help with the tax interview required by the marketplaces? Are you exempt from U.S. taxes? Dive in! W-8BEN or W-8ECI? Understanding the Nuances […]

Shopify Payments U.S. for Non-Resident Sellers: A Step-by-Step Guide

As an existing non-resident Shopify seller, you likely started your Shopify store with Shopify payments linked to your region.  However, if you’d like to set up a Shopify Payments account for a region different from your location, such as the U.S., you can submit your case to the Shopify Support Team and follow the steps […]

Understanding Amazon’s Tax Interview: Key Mistakes Non-Residents Should Avoid with LLCs

Navigating Amazon’s tax interview for non-residents with U.S. LLC can be complicated, particularly regarding tax compliance. Many non-residents choose to operate as individuals or entities from their home country and will complete the W-8BEN or W-8BEN-E form during the Amazon tax interview. Forming a U.S. single-member LLC often becomes necessary, especially in dropshipping scenarios where […]

Amazon’s Reverification Under the INFORM Consumer Act

As we gear up for the INFORM Consumer Act’s enforcement on June 27, 2023, its impact on Amazon’s reverification process is indisputable. This consumer protection law aims to bolster online transparency, ensure fairness, and hold platforms accountable for their activities. Update June 26th: We would like to inform you that starting July 7th, 2023, Amazon […]

Wyoming LLC Requirements for a U.S. Dropshipping Business

Are you looking to form a Wyoming LLC to establish a dropshipping business in the U.S.? If so, there are many factors to consider, including the legal structure of your business. One popular option for entrepreneurs is forming a limited liability company (LLC) in Wyoming. In this post, we’ll explore the benefits of a Wyoming […]

5472 and Proforma 1120 for a U.S. Single-Member LLC Disregarded Owned by a Non-Resident

As a non-U.S. resident with a U.S. single-member LLC, staying compliant with tax laws is crucial. Whether for Amazon Insurance, Shopify payments, or bulk purchases from a U.S. manufacturer, IRS forms 5472 and proforma 1120 for your U.S. single-member LLC disregarded likely must be filed annually.  LLC may require filing Form 5472 and proforma 1120 […]

Why a Simple LLC Provides ZERO Protection

If you form a “simple” LLC online with an EIN and a basic operating agreement. With the first legal issue, you may be “financially paralyzed” even if you win the lawsuit! You will not be able to get any loans or financing, which is paramount in today’s economy. What is a “simple” LLC? That is […]

How To Obtain a Sales Tax Exemption Certificate

Suppliers often require an exemption certificate when they ship products from the US. In addition, some B2B marketplaces have created Sales Tax Exemption Programs, such as Amazon (ATEP) and Alibaba (ASTEP), that can quickly help buyers identify as eligible tax-exempt for US sales tax purposes. You may enroll in their program to acknowledge and ensure […]

How to Handle an Amazon Suspension for Insurance Non-Compliance

Keeping your Amazon Seller Central account active is vital to your seller ranking and overall Amazon business. Ignoring repeated Amazon notices to comply with insurance is not a good idea. Amazon will force compliance and take action for non-compliant people, but the unknown is when. If you have received several emails from Amazon about compliance […]

Crypto Taxation

Determining your crypto taxation starts with knowing if your crypto transactions are taxable or not. Below are the most common crypto activities that you do need to report on your tax form: Selling your crypto for cash or converting to a stable coin. Trading one cryptocurrency for another digital currency (such as Ethereum). Using cryptocurrency at […]

Single-Member LLC vs. Multi-Member LLC Charging Order

LLCs are more popular than corporations for a few reasons, including flexibility in the management structure, taxation options, and the bonus of the “charging” order protection in most states. When you operate a business, you must consider what happens if your business is sued directly. Will your business liability insurance policy protect your business assets, […]

Shopify Sales Tax Requirements

If you are selling through Shopify or your own website, you may have crossed the economic thresholds in several states, which means you have a responsibility to register for a sales tax permit, update your Shopify tax settings (or shopping cart), and collect and remit sales taxes. Even as a non-resident selling in the U.S., […]

Walmart W-9 Mistakes to Avoid for Non-Residents

Expanding to Walmart is a popular trend for non-resident sellers who have shown success on There are many steps involved in correctly forming a U.S. LLC for your e-commerce business (when required), and one of the key areas is to avoid issues with both the marketplace and the IRS. We have seen sellers reach […]

Amazon Seller Insurance Requirements for Non-Resident Sellers

Amazon is now enforcing insurance requirements to sell on their marketplace. Per Amazon’s terms of service, business liability insurance protection is required for all sellers. Do you carry business liability insurance? If not, your Amazon seller account is not protected. Take the steps now to avoid any limited access or account suspension. Don’t drop your […]

How to Protect Your Cryptocurrency From Liability

Cryptocurrency is classified as property by the IRS.  Property can be a target of legal action, similar to real estate, and you can lose 100% of your property, or in this case, your cryptocurrency, even if it is DEFI. The blockchain allows the tracing of all transactions involving a given bitcoin address, all the way […]

A Legally Clear Name for Your Business

Every successful business counts on countless good decisions – enough to overcome those that inevitably prove totally wrong. A good business proves itself over and over in its resiliency. I challenge anyone to think of a bigger decision than to find a LEGALLY CLEAR name for your new business or product start-up. A LEGALLY CLEAR […]

U.S. LLC Questions to Ask Before Your E-Commerce Expansion

There are many U.S. LLC questions to ask before formation when you expand your e-commerce business to the U.S. These questions could be more precise. Most sellers only anticipate 1-2 steps ahead (or questions) with their U.S. formation and need to be made aware of these costly mistakes they have already made. Why does this […]

How to Protect Your Corporate or LLC Veil

Learning how to protect your corporate or LLC veil is an important foundation for protecting your personal assets from your business. If you operated your business as a sole proprietorship and sued, you may potentially lose all your personal assets.  There is no separation between you personally and your business. This is the simplest form […]

12 Questions to Ask Before and During Forming a U.S. Entity

Forming a U.S. entity correctly is a crucial step to protect your business as it grows for either sale or a profit center to support you and your family. Nothing is worse than building a U.S. brand, working 12+ hours a day to build it up, getting ready to sell, and losing everything because you […]

When to Form Another Entity?

There are a lot of steps to protect your business and your family properly.  Here’s a common question that is important that comes up often: “When should I form another entity for my business?” Actually, the more I think about it, that question is not as common as it should be. It is like the quote […]

Coronavirus Financial Survival Strategies

Even with the government’s $2 Trillion aid package, it is key that you have the right information for the best coronavirus financial survival strategies. In a recent interview with Todd Rooker, the #1 financial crisis recovery expert in the U.S., he blew everyone away with very detailed steps that any business owner must take to protect their […]

Sole Proprietors Are Rolling the Dice

Sole proprietors are taking a significant risk in today’s business climate, much more than they have been told. It is time they know the facts and what they are up against to put the odds back in their favor. In today’s ultra-competitive and dangerously litigious business climate, you can’t afford to throw the dice with […]

Benefits of Changing Your Nevada Registered Agent Service to NCP

You will benefit greatly by having NCP as your Nevada Registered Agent. Our process, training, and bonuses make our service the best overall value. Every entity filed in Nevada (NRS 86.231) requires a registered agent.  A registered agent receives important legal and tax documents on behalf of a business, including important mail sent by the state (annual […]

How to Protect Your Safe Assets

Over the years, we have heard the sad stories of clients who had their businesses protected with a separate legal entity. Still, when sued personally, they forgot or never focused on protecting their safe assets (which many times is the savings and investment accounts for their financial future) and lost ALL safe assets. The reasons […]

New Entity or Just File a DBA?

As you grow your product or services with your business, you will come to the point that you may consider forming a new entity or instead just filing a DBA linked to your operating entity. It is one thing to grow a business and your net worth, and it is another to keep it. The […]

How to Protect Your Real Estate Investments

Investing in U.S. real estate is still one of the best investment opportunities loaded with tax advantages. The key is to make sure your real estate is protected beyond just having insurance. When investing in U.S. real estate, it is important to make sure you protect your investments properly. The challenge is real estate has […]

Sly Like a Fox-Asset Protection & Privacy Strategies

Asset protection and privacy is a necessity to protect your wealth in today’s litigious world. There are over 80-million lawsuits in the United States alone each year. Over $200 Billion in frivolous lawsuits every year. In our research, we found a lady that has sued over 700 people during her lifetime. That was her wealth […]

LLC Terms and Definitions

It is important to understand the basic LLC terms and what they mean. You will notice many sounds like corporate terms but keep in mind they are different. Many times, in business situations, people will use inappropriate terms when referring to an LLC. You will come across as more organized and professional when you know […]

Incorporate Now vs. January

The best strategy is to incorporate in 2023 vs. 2024 for many important reasons. If you’re operating your business as a sole proprietorship, this is a logical time of the year to think about forming an entity going into January 2024. Doing this will make your business official, cut your TAX bill, and lower your […]

LLC Taxation Case Study

When you form an LLC, you have four options on how it may be taxed, disregarded, S or C corporation, or a partnership. There are a lot of factors to consider which taxation type may be best for your situation. In this case study, we address the key questions you must consider. Here is our […]

Following Corporate Formalities

One of the requirements, when you form a corporation or LLC, is to operate the entity as a separate legal entity from yourself. Corporate formalities are the operating rules and guidelines a corporation must follow to be recognized as a separate legal entity. If corporate formalities are not followed, it is one of the areas […]

LLC Taxation Options

You have four LLC taxation options; a partnership, disregarded entity, or an S or C corporation. It is important to keep in mind that there is a big difference between an LLC managed by managers or members when you form an LLC. It is possible for an LLC that is managed by managers to have […]

Starting a Business as a Sole Proprietorship; Good or Bad Idea?

A sole proprietorship is the simplest form of business. It’s not a separate entity. Instead, as a sole proprietor, you own the business and are directly responsible for its debts. Remember that whenever you do something the “simplest” way, it’s typical for your results to be directly proportional to the effort required. It is the […]

Benefits of Incorporating Your Business

There are several benefits of incorporating your business, including separating your business liability from your personal assets, your personal and business credit, and potential tax savings depending upon levels of profits. Here are additional benefits of incorporating your business that most don't consider but should to grow your business. The benefits of incorporating include increasing [...]

Which Entity is Best for Your Business and to Protect Your Assets?

Which Entity is Best for Your Business and to Protect Your Assets? Many variables come into play when determining which entity is best for your business or future business. Unfortunately, there was no formula for success. As you may know, if you go to an attorney, you will get one answer (from a legal perspective); [...]

Which State is Best to Incorporate Your Business?

Whether you are located and operating from inside the U.S. or running a business from outside the U.S., having all the information on which state is best for your business to incorporate is critical. If living in the U.S., the simple approach may very well be to incorporate in your home state, but that may […]

How to Start a Company in the U.S.

Mastering the art of how to start a company in the U.S. is the ultimate key to unlocking your company's full potential in the American e-commerce scene. By doing so, you open up a world of opportunities to maximize the value of your business, from joint ventures and affiliate sales to investments in lucrative U.S. [...]

Asset Protection for the Cannabis Industry

If there is any industry where you want to make sure you have extra layers of protection for your business and personal assets, it’s the cannabis (CBD oil) industry. The U.S. is the land of opportunity and also the land of lawsuits. We have more lawsuits than any other country in the world. Selling products […]

Asset Protection Infographic

You need to protect your assets, especially during difficult times such of when the country was shut down during the pandemic due to COVID-19 or now with rising interest rates and higher inflation. The fragile economic conditions are a strong signal to protect your assets now before it is too late. Many businesses had to […]