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Our Easy and Complete

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Avoid the $99 incorporate packages, instead launch with
[title title_primary=”Beware of the companies that promote the $99 LLC or Corporation formation.” align=”text-left”]Just getting the legal form you need to file the articles is NOT the same thing as a complete formation of an entity for your business.  This quick paperwork provides NO protection from the IRS or potential legal issues.

What does Attorney Lee R. Phillips warn against with those $99 online incorporating packages?

We slice through those in 15 minutes in court and go after the individual every time.  That piece of paper provides NO protection”

– Lee R. Phillips, Attorney and U.S. Supreme Court Counselor[/title]

Imagine purchasing a car this way… you don’t want to wait until you’re zooming towards a crowded intersection to find out that brakes were optional! Our COMPLETE “launch your business” package includes a complete “no surprises” list of everything you need to incorporate with confidence. By the time you add the “extras” to that tempting $99 offer, you’ll find that it gets you more peace of mind and costs you less to do it right the first time the NCP.

View our Complete Formation Packages and pricing and learn why we have the best tools and resources to help you Launch Your Business with Confidence.

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[info-box layout=”7″ icon=”” title=”Stop Overpaying to the IRS! Learn the Best Strategies with the 2018 Tax Law Changes to Put More Profits in Your Pocket”]2018 Business Tax Law Changes…
Sandy Botkin Tax Reductions System


Learn how to maximize your business deductions and bullet-proof your business records from an IRS audit!![/info-box]

Learn from the Best Entrepreneurs to Help You Launch Your Business with Confidence!

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Looking to change Registered Agents?  – Contact us at

Foreign Registration/Qualification – When you incorporate in one state and have income tax nexus in another, foreign qualification is often required and recommended.  This comes into play for real estate owners and e-commerce sellers in many cases where they have sales tax nexus.  Our service will help you keep in compliance.
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Amendments – We can help you amend the name of your company, adjust the amount of stock issued to others… even help you decide whether those moves make sense for your situation.

Dissolution – Should you shut down your current LLC or Corporation?  Most do this way too soon and are unware of the personal liability that results.

DBAs – Does your LLC or corporation require a DBA (“Doing Business As”) or fictitious firm name? Should you use this for a second business or form a second entity?

EIN Numbers – Caution: the IRS has updated their online process, which could make life especially difficult for entrepreneur’s without a SSN. Our system will simplify having you deal with the IRS.

Trademark Search and Registration – Contact us for our recommended resource to make sure not only file your trademark but also do a comprehensive search first (which most do not do).

Payroll Services – Experts advise that the number one legal exposure to your business begins on the day you hire your first employee.  This turnkey solution is a must!

Merchant Account Services – Every viable business today must accept credit cards, but most end up unknowingly overpaying for this service.

U.S. Virtual Address Services – This turnkey service includes a lease agreement to a real office which is key for establishing a U.S. bank account. Our service which includes scanning and a notification system for your mail is a must for e-commerce sellers who need access to important mail quickly including charge backs and sales tax notices.
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U.S. Bank Account Set Up – Contact us for our current options to establish a U.S. bank account.  Travel is required, but that may change and reaching out is recommended.

Professional Referrals, CPA, Legal and Financial Planning – Any business requires some amount of support from professionals.  NCP has networked with only the best of the best to support your business!

If you need support with any of these additional business services reach out to NCP with our contact details below.

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