Benefits of Changing Your Nevada Registered Agent Service to NCP

You will benefit greatly by having NCP as your Nevada Registered Agent. Our process, training, and bonuses make our service the best overall value.

Every entity filed in Nevada (NRS 86.231) requires a registered agent.  A registered agent receives important legal and tax documents on behalf of a business, including important mail sent by the state (annual reports or statements), tax documents sent by the state’s department of taxation, and Service of Process—sometimes called Notice of Litigation, which initiates a lawsuit.

Nevada Registered Agent Service
A Great Nevada Registered Agent will Help You Avoid The Band-Aid Approach the Consequence that Follows.

Commerce Registered Agent in Nevada

Pursuant to NRS Chapter 77, effective October 1, 2013, any registered agent with 10 or more represented entities is considered a commercial registered agent and must register with the Secretary of State by filing a Commercial Registered Agent Registration Statement.

Registered Agent’s Responsibilities

There are certain requirements a company’s registered agent must meet, characteristics around who can be a registered agent, and how the registered agent’s information is treated.

Availability and physical address. The registered agent must be available during normal business hours and have a physical address in the state of incorporation or qualification. Post office boxes and private rented mailboxes are not allowed. 

The Address is publicly-accessible. Additionally, the registered agent’s address is a matter of public record, meaning anyone can access it. A company’s formation and foreign qualification documents filed with the state are publicly-accessible. In states that do not require a company’s legal address and the formation or qualification documents, the registered agent’s address is the only address on file with that company’s state.

NCP’s Registered Agent Renewal Process and Bonuses:

NCP has now been in business since 1997 and is a leader in the corporate planning industry. NCP has been a member of the Better Business Bureau for fourteen years and boasts a complaint-free track record. You can rest assured that you’ll receive only the most ethical service, advice, and support available.

It is one of our NCP goals to make sure your registered agent service stays current each year. NCP has a 15-step registered agent renewal follow up process combined with a letter, emails, and phone calls to ensure your registered agent service is current.

You will also receive valuable business growing bonuses when you renew your registered agent services in the areas of growing and protecting your business. These powerful bonuses include interviews with world-class experts on each area of asset protection, compliance, sales tax, tax strategies, joint ventures, and other business growth strategies. Each bonus comes with either a video, audio, and or transcripts.

Here is a sample of the bonuses you will receive (they change as updated content and bonuses are available):

  • How to Build an Ecommerce Business You can Sell for 6-8 Figures with Mark Daoust, founder of Quiet Light Brokerage.
  • Strategies to Protect Your Wealth. Discover the key strategies to protect your safe assets, real estate, and business assets. Need support with a COMPLETE FORMATION?
  • LLC or Corporation Best? Discover the Key Factors.
  • Which State Which Entity Factors for U.S. Formation.
  • Advanced Asset Protection Strategies with Attorney Robert L. Bolick.
    This training covers these key topics on this powerful asset protection tool, including:
    -The Nuts and Bolts of Asset Protection-Real Life Stories – and Insane Verdicts
    -The asset protection tool you may need for greater protection
    -What is the tool, and whom does it benefit? Is the tool necessary in your situation (beyond your current structure you have in place)?-How does the tool work (provide protection beyond other tools)?
    -What state is best to establish the tool?
    -Are there different states that offer the tool, but the statutes read differently? For example, some states have no statutory exception creditors. Exception creditors are classes of creditors that can access the tools assets despite the existence of the applicable tool’s statute because that state’s public policy protects that class of creditors. This is VERY important to know the best state option.
    -Once your assets are protected inside the tool, which creditors (including state and federal) will no longer have access?-How do you use the tool and transfer assets?
    -Which assets should and should not go into the tool?
    -What is the process of implementing this tool?-What mistakes? Do you need to avoid, which may render the tool ineffective?
    -What are the fees upfront and annually to establish this tool properly?
  • Trademark training to protect your most important IP.
  • Ever consider raising capital to grow? What is involved from a legal point of view? 
  • How to become more productive and get more results in your business in life. The hidden culprit is typically being overwhelmed with so many responsibilities, roles, and tasks. Here is the best strategy to overcome this profit killer and become more productive than ever before.

Rewards of NCP as your RA             

Our professional, well-trained staff will handle any service of process we receive for your company efficiently and professionally. 

You will have 12 months of free access to NCP’s Members area to help launch your business with confidence and keep in compliance. You will have access to free training on trademarks, payroll, estate planning, corporate compliance, business credit, merchant accounts, and our launch your business with confidence webinar to help your business with a complete foundation (even if you have already been in business for 5+ years).

You will receive important email updates throughout the year on entity structure, tips to protect your assets, and how to pay less in taxes. Our timely tips will help you stay in compliance and be protected.

You will receive reminders for your entity regarding important tax deadlines throughout the year. 

You will receive several checklists to help make sure you have a complete foundation and are protected, including our Launch with Confidence Checklist, How to Transition from a Sole Proprietorship to an Entity Checklist, How to Transfer Assets to an Entity, Record Book Training Checklist, How and When to Pay Yourself, plus several others.

You will also receive free training to help protect your intellectual property, free downloadable resolutions for LLCs and Corporations, special offers, and discounts. You will receive a special invitation to training to help protect and grow your business.

Free Referrals to our Business Providers: As a valued NCP client, you will have access to our massive list of professional contacts we have established since 1997. We make it a priority to associate with and refer our clients to only the best of the best, so you get the results you need for your business. Here is a sample of the areas of contacts you will have access to as an NCP client: 

– Payroll- save on your payroll fees 
– Merchant accounts – save money on your monthly fees (plus avoid your account being frozen)
– Tax professionals (to help you every step of the way, from bookkeeping to annual tax returns, helping both our U.S. and international clients). 
– Legal professionals (in the areas of IP, contract law, business law, asset protection planning, estate planning, raising money, HR law…) 
– Sales Tax Permits for e-commerce sellers 
-Plus other referrals, ask!

The Process for NCP to Change Your Nevada Registered Agent Service to NCP:

1. Payment for our fees. Our Annual Registered Agent Fee in Nevada is $200 + the state’s $60 Change of Registered Agent Fee. The total is $260. The fees to renew your entity with the state are separate when due.

2. Complete the state forms to change registered agent (NCP will provide those forms for you)

3. NCP will submit the change of registered agent forms

4. You will receive a copy of your files

5. NCP will send you a list of corporate/LLC documents we will need on file as your registered agent.

You will receive annual updates when your registered agent fee is due again and an outline of the annual state forms required separately.

Do you need a virtual address in Nevada with a lease agreement? That is separate from our registered agent service. See our U.S. Virtual Address Services page. 

Please take the next step and change your Registered Agent to NCP now by simply calling NCP at 1-702-367-7373 or email our team at