Why Launch Your LLC or Corporation With NCP?

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We provide COMPLETE FORMATION for your business entity that includes total support BEFORE and AFTER you set up your corporation or LLC. You will have access to our advanced training on which state and entity is best, checklists for transitioning to a separate legal entity, and access to our vetted partners to help with taxes, legal issues, contracts, banking, financing, and so much more.

[info-box layout=”9″ sl_icon=”icon_img” icon_img=”1764″ title=”Company”]You will benefit from our 22 years of research, weeding through conflicting information from online incorporating companies, and tax and law firms, to the best and most cost-effective structure and state for your situation.[/info-box]
[info-box layout=”9″ sl_icon=”icon_img” icon_img=”1980″ title=”Our Mission”]Our mission is to help you launch with a complete formation, to give you the confidence to move forward with certainty in your business. This will help maximize your profits, tax savings, and protection.[/info-box]
[info-box layout=”9″ sl_icon=”icon_img” icon_img=”1981″ title=”Our Purpose”]To help you launch & grow your business with confidence. Nothing is worse than starting a new business and wondering if you set it up correctly, overpaid for services you don’t need, took too many short cuts, will end up with zero liability protection, or will overpay on your taxes. This uncertainty will cost you with your focus, time, and ultimately your profits.[/info-box]
[info-box layout=”9″ sl_icon=”icon_img” icon_img=”1983″ title=”Our Vision”]To take our clients beyond their business formation. By taking the guesswork and worry out of the transition from before and after forming an entity (especially if you are outside the U.S.) to becoming your one-stop resource for all the professional resources you will need next for your business.  You won’t have to waste your time searching for the next professional for your business; we have already done that for you.[/info-box]
[info-box layout=”9″ sl_icon=”icon_img” icon_img=”1979″ title=”Our Experience”]Since 1997, we have invested tens of thousands into legal and tax research, court and tax cases, aand working with financial and business experts, to provide you with the strongest foundation and pathway for you to launch your business with confidence. Our experience with thousands of detailed situations, in multiple industries, will result in helping you avoid all the pitfalls that you don’t see coming.[/info-box]
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  • Integrity- We do what’s right.  If you don’t need a service we offer, or your strategy is off-track, we will tell you.
  • Ownership- We listen to feedback and improve our systems and processes to improve. If we make a mistake, we own up to it.
  • Excellence- We constantly search for the best strategies, to give you the best results.
  • Gratitude- Gratitude is a powerful catalyst for happiness. Seeing you succeeding and growing with confidence brings us happiness.
  • Commitment- We live, in a world, of constant change, especially in the areas of sales tax, income tax, technology and what is best. We are committed to bringing clarity to you quickly.

NCP is for you if you’re

  • Looking for a complete LLC or corporate formation with steps to take you through the process
  • Not looking for the basic cookie-cutter online solution and realize there is more to just filing articles for a new LLC
  • You are looking to build a real brand or want real protection for your assets
  • Not sure what to look for or what questions to ask to get started
  • Simply too busy to do it yourself and have too much to risk by missing costly steps with a low- priced online filling company
  • A company that has access to other vetted professionals to help you with bookkeeping, taxes, and legal issues as they come up

Scott Letourneau

The Business Formation & Sales Tax Expert

“I’m Scott Letourneau and I started NCP to help entrepreneurs like you launch your U.S. business with confidence. Confidence is a key ingredient to your business success. This starts with a complete formation, not a $99 tripwire incorporate package to get you in the door but provides ZERO liability protection. A complete formation also includes compliance with the U.S. ever changing sales tax requirements for e-commerce sellers. Our team is dedicated to simplifying this process, so you may focus on selling and profits, not compliance.”

Need support? Send an email to support@launchwithconfidence.com concerning your situation and areas you need support. We will reply with your best options to move forward with confidence.

How We Help You Launch

In order to help you launch with confidence, we have systems, campaigns, and tools to check each part of your formation, services, sales tax registrations…so you may focus most of your energy on building your business and developing profits.

We have one company email that is filtered through Zendesk® and checked every 5-10 minutes. All emails are delegated to our team to follow up with you quickly.

All new entity filing are manually reviewed by our team.  If the strategy or taxation selection does not make sense, our team will follow up with a better recommendation.

You will also benefit from the vast network of professionals. You will quickly discover why we are truly a one-stop service based company for all your U.S. formation requirements. We will provide an introduction to a professional vetted partner if there is a service we are not able to provide that you require.

This eliminates your need to take your valuable time to do endless searches on the internet hoping to find the best service or professional.

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Experience The Difference With NCP

Personalized services.  You don’t want your entity formation company to take a “cookie-cutter” approach to your entity selection or to “sweep you down the corporate assembly line” so they can move on to the next customer.  Unlike many of our competitors, we refuse to offer anything but the most conscientiously focused and individualized services available. You’ll understand the business implication of the choices you make, every step of the way, so you can move forward with confidence.

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